seurat_sc_cluster.r 使用帮助:

seurat_sc_cluster.r 使用帮助:
$Rscript scripts/seurat_sc_cluster.r -h
usage: scripts/seurat_sc_cluster.r [-h] -i filepath [-d dim]
                                   [--resolution resolution [resolution ...]]
                                   [--umap.method umap.method]
                                   [--tsne.method tsne.method]
                                   [--high.variable.genes high.variable.genes]
                                   [ [ ...]]
                                   [--integrate.method integrate.method]
                                   [--integration.reduction integration.reduction]
                                   [--k.anchor k.anchor] [-b]
                                   [--downsample downsample]
                                   [--pt.size pt.size] [-H height] [-W width]
                                   [-o path] [-p prefix]
Seurat single cell analysis :
optional arguments:
  -h, --help            show this help message and exit
  -i filepath, --rds filepath
                        input single Seurat obj in rds file [default NULL]
  -d dim, --dim dim     set pca dim number to find cluster [default 20]
  --resolution resolution [resolution ...]
                        set resolution parameters [default 0.5]
  --umap.method umap.method
                        UMAP implementation to run. Can be uwot:Runs umap via
                        the uwot R package; uwot-learn:Runs umap via the uwot
                        R package and return the learned umap model;umap-
                        learn:Run the Seurat wrapper of the python umap-learn
                        package [default uwot]
  --tsne.method tsne.method
                        Select the method to use to compute the tSNE.
                        Available methods are:Rtsne: Use the Rtsne package
                        Barnes-Hut implementation of tSNE (default) ;FIt-SNE:
                        Use the FFT-accelerated Interpolation-based t-SNE.
                        Based on Kluger Lab code found here:
               [default Rtsne]
  --high.variable.genes high.variable.genes
                        highly variable gene number through the
                        FindVariableFeatures function (identify variable
                        features based on the variance stabilization
                        transformation (“vst”)) [default 3000] [ ...]
                        Variables to regress out in ScaleData function
                        (previously latent.vars in RegressOut). For example,
                        nUMI, or percent.mito. [default None]
  --sctransform         If set, use SCTransform normalization [optional,
                        default: False]
  --integrate.method integrate.method
                        set integrated method , harmony or seuratIntegration
                        [default None]
  --integration.reduction integration.reduction
                        Dimensional reduction to perform when finding anchors
                        for seuratIntegration method. Can be one of:
                        cca,rpca,rlsi [default cca]
  --k.anchor k.anchor   You can increase the strength of alignment by
                        increasing the k.anchor parameter, which is set to 5
                        by default. Increasing this parameter to 20 will
                        assist in aligning these populations [default 5]
                        set batch column name in meta data for integrated
                        [default None]
  --downsample downsample
                        subset cells numbers for analysis [default None]
  --pt.size pt.size     the point size [default 1]
  -H height, --height height
                        the height of pic inches [default 7]
  -W width, --width width
                        the width of pic inches [default 6]
  -o path, --outdir path
                        output file directory [default
  -p prefix, --prefix prefix
                        out file name prefix [default demo]

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