tassel 模型公式表示方法

tassel 模型公式表示方法


MLM (Mixed Linear Model) This conducts association analysis via a mixed linear model (MLM). A mixed model is one which includes both fixed and random effects. Including random effects gives MLM the ability to incorporate information about relationships among individuals. When a genetic marker based kinship matrix (K) is used jointly with population structure (Q), the “Q+K” approach improves statistical power compared to “Q” only9 . MLM can be described in Henderson’s matrix notation23 as follows:

y = Xβ + Zu + e

where y is the vector of observations; β is an unknown vector containing fixed effects, including genetic marker and population structure (Q); u is an unknown vector of random additive genetic effects from multiple background QTL for individuals/lines; X and Z are the known design matrices; and e is the unobserved vector of random residual. The u and e vectors are assumed to be normally distributed with null mean and variance of




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