10 TCGA的RNA-seq count annotation过滤,有些不知道是否需要删除


* platform:NA

1. patient_annotation:Observation:General:This subject was duplicated by TCGA-24-0981; 0981 was redacted and this one retained

2. patient_annotation:Notification:Item in special subset:This is part of the ovarian triplet set.

3. aliquot_annotation:CenterNotification:Item flagged DNU:QC Warning- Expression quality metrics (e.g. 3-prime bias, high duplicate rate, genomic contamination, or low alignment rate) are well below average for this file, which should be used with caution, if at all, for expression analysis. However, other analyses, e.g. mutation and structural variant calling, may still give reliable result.

4. aliquot_annotation_updated:Annotation refers to RNAseq, not miRNA


6. Reviewed_by_EPC: NA

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