5 No file mirdeep_runs/ tmp/precursors.fa_stack found

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Hello all! I am trying to work with miRDeep2 on a transcriptomic data (RNA-seq), however, this error pops up every-time I run the miRDeep2.pl script.

No file mirdeep_runs/run_28_08_2019_t_15_49_37/tmp/precursors.fa_stack found

My parameters are as follows:

date && time miRDeep2.pl ~/Project/reads_collapsed.fa ~/Project/newgenome.fa ~/Project/reads_vs_refdb.arf ~/Project/new_human_mature.fasta none ~/Project/new_human_stem.fasta -t Human -g -1 hsa -v

I have elaborated more about this on my Biostars post.
Any and all help would be much appreciated. Thanks.

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